Accessing Elective Rosters

Login to E*Value

  • Select the appropriate program (for example, if your Elective is in Indianapolis, select: IU, Electives IN > click Continue Login →
  • Select Reports on ribbon
  • Scroll down to find Scheduling Reports (3rd column). Location of Scheduling Reports may vary.
  • Select Schedule Report
  • Enter Start Date: select from calendar icon Month, Year, and Date
  • Enter End Date : select from calendar icon Month, Year, and Date
  • Select Activity: select your elective # Title from the drop down menu
  • Select Role: select By Student
  • Select Report Type: Data Download
  • To the right there is field [Edit Download Fields] use this to select specific info. In the Available Fields box on the left, select the field then click on the green + icon to add to the box on the right Selected Fields (not all fields are available in the biostats)
  • Format Option: select PDF
  • Select Next > OK
  • You now have a report. Save or print.
  • Remember these reports will change as students drop and add.