Accessing Elective Rosters in E*Value

Login to E*Value

1.Click on the reports tab

Three tabs above banner that says Reports. Tabs: Home | Evaluations | Reports (this is highlighted in green)

2. Click on Schedule Report

Image of two links. top link says: Schedule Report. Bottom link says: User Schedule. Select top link.


  1. Select a Start/End Date 
  2. Select “Yes” for Show Participation Dates
  3. Select “Shifts by User”
  4. Select “Yes” for Show Sessions
  5. Select format option
    • HTML
    • EXCEL
    • PDF
  6. Select “Yes” or “No” for student photos
    • Not all student photos may be available but may be able to be added upon request.
  7. Click “Next” to view roster.  
Field choices under Schedule report. Choices such as filter template, start date, end date, show participation rates, show sessions, format option, show user photos, and a button that says "Save template"