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Evaulations and Assessments

Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)

End of Third Year OSCE

Fourth year medical students must pass the End of Third Year OSCE as a graduation requirement. This comprehensive summative examination accesses the Level 2 requirements of the IUSM competencies. Students complete several standardized patient stations. Students are assessed through the checklist items completed by the standardized patients and the post encounter notes graded by IUSM faculty. The post encounter note follows the format of the NBME Step 2 CS post encounter notes. Students receive scores on their skills in Data Gathering, Data Interpretation Skills, Fostering the Relationship, Gathering Information, Making Decisions, Providing Information, and Supporting Emotion.

Peer and Self-Assessment

The Peer and Self-Assessment Program at IUSM involve all students in the first three years of medical school. Research has shown that medical students can provide reliable, valid evaluations of their peers and can be valid predictors of success in residency, providing their assessments are both honest and thoughtful.

Students rate themselves and their peers on professionalism, communication and collegiality; using the 9-point Likert scale supplemented by comments, then generate individualized reports allowing students to see their self-perception compared with the way they’re perceived by peers. Students meet with their mentors to review their reports and explore the difference between self- and external perception.

For more information about Peer/Self-Assessment Program, contact Brandy Herriott.

Schedules for Peer and Self-Assessment

MS I Schedule
MS II Center Schedule
MS II Indy Schedule
MS III Center Schedule
MS III Indy Schedule

PSA Faculty Training Presentation  

This presentation is approximately 15 minutes in length. Viewing requires Adobe 9.

Tips for Faculty Reviewers

Contact Brandy Herriott with additional questions and/or if you are interested in being a reviewer.

Program Evaulation

The Program Evaluation team of Medical Student Education promotes quality improvement and institutional excellence by understanding the educational needs and experiences of students at IUSM and providing faculty with actionable information that can be used to further curricular effectiveness. Beyond gathering, analyzing and disseminating data, we provide resources and support to faculty in their efforts utilizing findings to improve teaching and foster student learning at IUSM. 

For inquiries relating to Program Evaluation please contact:

Lauren Moschner
Administrative Support Coordinator, Evaluation