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How to access Faculty Evaluations in MedHub

See also the MedHub-specific information in the Education Technology section of this portal, under “Technologies We Support”. 

Go to MedHub:

On the login screen, click inside the white box that says, “Click here to log in with your IU Account” (see blue arrow below):

Log in via CAS; then you will see the main Welcome page in MedHub.  In the upper right, click on the “Evaluations” tab (see blue arrow). 

You should next see the Evaluations page.  On the left-hand side, click on “Aggregate Evaluations” (blue arrow).

This will take you to the “Aggregate View” page.

 Click on “Phase 1 Faculty Evaluation (#)”, where # is the number of students who filled out evaluations for you (also seen under “Performance Evaluations” above). 

Once you have clicked on the “Phase 1 Faculty Evaluation” link (blue arrow above), the next screen should show you your evaluations.