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Educational Technology

The Educational Technology team provides leadership and expertise in support of Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) Educational Affairs units through strategic and innovative educational and administrative technology solutions. The Educational Technology team offers consultations, training, and administrative system support in the following educational areas:

  • Instructional Design and Technology – Supports teaching and learning for IUSM faculty statewide by strategizing and consulting to find innovative educational solutions based on solid pedagogical principles to enhance learning at all levels. 
  • MedHub – The MedHub team oversees and administers the MedHub system and consults with IUSM faculty and staff on finding the best solutions for documenting, tracking, and monitoring institutional requirements and educational experiences for students.
  • Business Systems – Provides awareness and understanding of technology solutions for administrative units in Educational Affairs. Consults with individual units to determine the operational needs of the unit, analyzes the situation, and recommends an administrative technology solution that fits into the overall IUSM landscape. 
  • Web Development – Advises faculty and academic staff in IUSM on how best to create and display web pages with consideration paid to ADA accessibility standards.
  • Course Coordination – Statewide course coordinators work closely with Course Management Teams to ensure content delivery is comparable on all campuses and provide faculty and student support.