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Indiana University School of Medicine

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Brief description/overview 

Canvas is the Learning Management System used by Indiana University. Canvas provides interaction between learners and instructors through tools such as learning modules, quizzes, assignments, announcements, discussions, and more. In addition, Canvas integrates other tools useful for teaching and learning such as

  • Kaltura for recordings,
  • Top Hat for audience response,
  • Google Docs for collaboration,
  • and Zoom, for real-time web conferencing.  

Audience that uses it 

Canvas can be used by all levels of teaching and learning within the IU School of Medicine. 


Canvas is a web-based system, available to users with modern browsers and an internet connection.  


Contact for assistance 

Instructors needing Canvas assistance may contact a member of the Educational Technology team, at 

Links to How-To docs 

Popular collection of Canvas documents on the IU’s Knowledge Base: 

Canvas Instructor Guide: