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Brief description/overview 

The IU School of Medicine uses ExamSoft software to administer first-and second-year assessments as secure computer-based exams. 

ExamSoft provides a web platform (called ExamSoft portal) for faculty and/or staff to create computer-based assessments and downloadable software (called Examplify) for students to take secure assessments. 

Examplify locks down the students’ computers during the test so that they can’t access their notes, other programs, or the internet. For faculty, the ExamSoft portal provides convenient ways to create question banks and exams and provides robust ways to analyze results and improve future assessments. 

Audience that uses it 

ExamSoft can be used by IU faculty and students during the first and second year courses of medical school. 


ExamSoft is a web-based system, available to IU faculty and students using Firefox or Chrome browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported!) and an internet connection.  


Contact for assistance 

Instructors needing ExamSoft assistance may contact Erich Bauer of the Educational Technology team:  

Links to How-To docs 

ExamSoft and Examplify Knowledge Base:

Exam Proctor Guide: Proctor Help Guide – Examplify


Getting Started

Before the First Exam

Questions and Exams