How to Make Sure Groups of Questions Appear Together

Sometimes, you may want to group a few related questions together on an exam, while randomizing the order of the rest of the questions. For example, you may have three questions that are all about the same clinical scenario and may want them to appear together on the test. You can keep groups of questions from being split up when you randomize by following the instructions below.


Grouped questions will remain in the same order and together, but the group itself may appear at any point on the exam, when you randomize the order of questions on the exam. The order of questions within the group is determined by the order in which you placed them when you created the exam.

Groups only work if you randomize the question order. If you do not randomize the order of questions on the exam, there is no reason to use groups. You will need to simply put all questions in order, and if you do not put the grouped questions together manually, Examplify will not do it for you if you don’t randomize.

  1. Create or import the questions that you want to group. Here are some resources to help you with this: Quick reference guide for creating questions & Quick reference guide for importing questions.
  2. Open one of the questions you want to group by navigating to the Questions tab, clicking on the folder where it is housed, and then clicking on the question title.
  3. If the question has already been approved, click the Create New Revision/Edit button underneath the question. If the question has not yet been approved (i.e., is still in draft form), skip this step.
  4. Enter a word or short phrase in the Group field. This will be the name for your group of questions. Any question with this group name will be grouped together, if you randomize the order of questions on your exam.
  5. Click Save to save the question as a draft. If you’re ready to approve the question for use on an exam, you can click the Approve button.
  6. Repeat #2 – 5 for the other questions in the group. Make sure to enter the same word or phrase in the Group field because this is what ExamSoft looks for to link the questions together. After you create the group name by adding it to one question, it will appear in a list as you type for other questions, and you can simply select it from the list to make sure that you have the same spelling.