How to Push Scores from ExamSoft to Canvas Gradebook

  1. Log in to the ExamSoft portal:
  2. Click the Assessments tab and navigate to your assessment.
  3. Select the Push Grades button (1) in the right-hand column. Note: If the Push Grades option is not available, click the cog wheel (2) and select the option from the dropdown to add the column.
    Screenshot of ExamSoft
  4. Enter name of exam in the Create a New Column box (1)
  5. Select Points for the Score Type (2)
  6. Select the Send Grades to LMS button (3)
    Screenshot of ExamSoft
  7. Confirmation: After the grades have been successfully pushed from ExamSoft® to Canvas, the following confirmation screen will appear:
    Screenshot of ExamSoft
  8. Verify Grades in Canvas:
    Following the receipt of the confirmation screen, check that the grades are present in the Gradebook for the desired course.