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Recordings and Video Distribution System

Kaltura – How-To Videos (Select video in playlist to view)

Brief description/overview 

Lecture recordings are required for all Phase 1 courses. All lecture recordings are housed and made available to Phase 1 students on the IUSM Kaltura MediaSpace.

Phases 2 and 3 may also use Kaltura to record lectures or other educational materials. These may be made available on the IUSM Kaltura MediaSpace or through the Kaltura tools in Canvas.

Audience that uses it 

Faculty, staff, and students use lecture capture for different purposes. Faculty and academic staff can create and upload recordings. Students may view the recordings on the IUSM Kaltura MediaSpace platform or from a Canvas site.


Kaltura Classroom is available for installation on any classroom computer. 

Kaltura Personal Capture is available for anyone to install on any computer.

Contact for assistance 

For assistance with using Kaltura Classroom, Kaltura Personal Capture, Kaltura MediaSpace, or for general questions about lecture capture, contact a member of the Educational Technology team, at  

For school events or other non-curricular activities, contact Health Technology Services at (317) 274-5336, or